Azure DevOps, GitHub - DevSecOps Consulting/Workshops


Achieve DecSecOps Culture in your Organization with Azure DevOps/GitHub. We help teams adopt Azure DevOps, GitHub to achieve CI/CD Features, Application Security in DevSecOps Workflow.

DevSecOps with Azure DevOps/GitHub

We are invested in understanding the needs of organizations that incorporate and follow the DevSecOps Culture in their environment. Our Services is destined to a goal that your organization's journey of catering and facilitating the requirements customer is looking to achieve with their DevSecOps culture using Azure DevOps Subscription (Server/Cloud Variant) or GitHub Enterprise (Server/Cloud)

We provide Workshops to the teams as an awareness session to get started with Azure DevOps / GitHub. Below are the Session Agenda Azure DevOps Azure Repos ( Source Code Management ) Azure Pipelines, Azure Artifacts ( CI/CD features ) Azure Boards for Project Management Azure Test Plans

GitHub Basics of Git Basics (git config, fetch, pull, push, commit, stash) Branch management, merge conflict management, merge strategy, rebasing Inspecting (tag, blame, status) Undoing changes (checkout, revert, reset, clean, rm)

Integrations ( 2 hours ) API's (REST & GraphQL), GitHub App Readily available Integrations via Authentication and Plugins in other applications such as Jenkins Integration with Azure DevOps

Pipelines with Actions (3 hours ) Introduction to GitHub Actions Workflow Syntax Environments (Approvals) and Secrets Managing Workflows & Actions Building Actions & Runners (GitHub hosted & Self hosted) CI/CD Workflows & Automation Scripts using GitHub Actions

Right from idea to implementation, the GitHub platform can be used for the below features and we ensure the Organizations that need support with the adoption of the GitHub Enterprise Platform, has the below features benefited to leverage the DevSecOps needs Tracking the development activities, Storing the code & following best practices on development, CI/CD activates using GitHub Actions, Application Security using Advanced Security, Release management using the Releases feature in GitHub with notes and Wiki feature, Integrations with other DevOps applications in the market

The GitHub Enterprise Server Deployment would require the On-premise Solution / Cloud Solution in Place, where we as the Partner Promote Azure Cloud Services such as Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, Web Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service, Container Registries, Azure Functions, and other DB Services that is required for teams to deploy the Application via GitHub Actions

The regular CI/CD Assessment of any software development is very much required because of the customer’s feedback on the products they are consuming and the agility required to achieve the same feet, With GitHub Professional Services, our experts are here to help with Custom Actions, automation, GitHub Apps, and YAML Templates for your Teams / Organizations to facilitate the continuous integration & delivery using GitHub Action with periodic assessment for the products you are building. We provide the below Professional Services to our customers on upgrading the GitHub Enterprise Servers keeping their platform with all the latest updates and features Workshops on Git and GitHub are conducted for Software Developers to leverage the features in GitHub along with the IDE Integrations required for Developers to start working on their Code GitHub API Training to extend the platform to accommodate your workflow and get the data the team needs. Explore ways to leverage GitHub's APIs, covering API examples, webhook use cases, troubleshooting, authentication mechanisms, and best practices. Learn when you may want to use tokens, keys, GitHub Apps, and more.

Assessment → Implementation (Best Practices) → Integration → Documentation → Training → Post Implementation Services