SAP modernization sprint: 3-wk Assessment

NTT Limited

Support your initiative to modernize SAP from on-premises to Azure. We review your existing SAP implementation (architecture and modules) then work with you to define a roadmap for modernization.

SAP modernization can be a complex task, given the integration SAP has into the business process layer. In some cases, modernizing it may require an evolution of the business process and or the SAP software or more simply a refresh of the underlying infrastructure. In any scenario, the NTT Ltd. team provides guidance, insight and best practice to provide you with an agile engagement to understand how to modernize and migrate SAP to Azure Compute leveraging aspects such as Large instances.

The engagement is executed using one 3-week agile iteration.

SAP Modernization Sprint, leverages our cloud adoption framework to assess the current SAP landscape including business processes which rely on it as well as the infrastructure which underpins it. We then understand initiatives you may already have underway and or provide guidance to explore modernizing this to Azure. Includes six 2-hour workshops to understand current SAP landscape, organizational strategy, business & technical requirements then review design recommendations.

The result includes our recommended SAP modernization roadmap including migration plan, Azure architecture, SAP high-level design and cost analysis. Crucially this is an agile collaboration with knowledge sharing, documentation, and resources to help your teams get the skills they need for long-term business agility and maturity on Azure.