Active Directory Assessment: 4-Week Assessm. (SW)


Depending on the size of infrastructure and complexity of the organization the Active Directory Assessment takes 3 – 4 weeks to complete.

Azure and/or on-premise AD infrastructure assessment consists of the following activities:

  • Skype interview(s) regarding the existing Azure AD or/and on-premise AD infrastructure environment
  • Review of AD physical architecture (cloud and on- premise)
  • Review of AD logical architecture
  • Review of DNS configuration
  • Analysis of Local Administrator password management
  • AD health checks (diagnostics using tools e.g. dcdiag, netdiag, BPA, Event Viewer etc.)
  • Review of AD infrastructure backup policy
  • Existence of AD administrative procedures, like AD disaster recovery plan, change management procedures etc.

As a result, Assessment report is produced which includes the following sections:

  • Audit summary;
  • Description of the existing situation, architecture overview;
  • Detailed audit findings, assessment of their importance and recommended solutions;
  • Best practice recommendations.

Results are presented in an online meeting.

Offer is available in all EU countries.