Cloud Migration Solution Roadmap: 2-Wk Assessment

Dynamic Consultants Group

Our Solution Roadmap is the documentation and plan that addresses both short and long-term goals with your Azure project. If you're starting a cloud migration or data project this will help your team.

Before any cloud migration, building a documented roadmap for a cloud migration solution establishes clear priorities, key success metrics, and business drivers that reflect your business strategy and outlines critical budget planning steps for migrating to Azure. Dynamic Consultants Group’s Solution Roadmap provides an actionable plan to implement, secure, or migrate to the Azure technology stack. Our experts evaluate the latest functionalities and features while assessing and sequencing improvements based on business priorities and opportunities.

Deliverables in the Solution Roadmap Document:

  • Solution and Scope Analysis
  • Functional Requirments Assessment
  • Data Management Plan
  • Data Migration Planning & Analysis
  • Operational Infrastructure Review
  • Integration & Application Analysis
  • Security Review & Flaw Analysis
  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation Plan

The Solution Roadmap schedule will consist of one week of workshops and a week of documentation. Final documentation is approximately 20-50 pages depending on discovery. The workshops will align with the deliverables outlined above. Most workshops are between 2 and 4 hours. The functional and technical scope is approx. 6 hours; completed in two 3 hour blocks. The workshop sessions will last one week. Our Azure Solutions Architect will use the second week to create the final documentation and provide the finalized Solution Roadmap.

What is considered out of scope:

  • Making changes to the Azure environment
  • Making any Compliance and Regulatory recommendations
  • Creating new Azure Services or Subscriptions
  • Troubleshooting operational issues or providing support for Azure products or services.