Azure Storage Services: 1-Wk Implementation


ECF Data offers Azure Storage services, the top cloud storage to provide users reliable and simplified storage services that are scalable, accessible, and durable.

Experience a well-designed cloud storage architecture that fits many use cases, including enterprise needs

As most of the workforce is open to the wonders of working hybrid or remotely, more and more businesses are employing changes to accommodate this type of work scenario. Managed by Microsoft, Azure Storage is a cloud storage solution designed for modern data storage scenarios. ECF Data, as an all-Microsoft shop, offers Azure Storage implementation to bring more versatility for the backup and storage of your files.

Included in the benefits of Azure Storage are:

- Durability - Azure storage data is duplicated across the region, making it easily accessible globally. Being in the cloud also ensures that your data, despite major hardware failures, is accessible. Organizations can choose to replicate their data across various regions and zones. They can also prefer locally redundant storage. Doing so guarantees data integrity for cases such as catastrophes and natural disasters.

- Scalability - Azure Storage is highly scalable and can handle maintenance and updates of data for its users. It is developed to be scalable depending on data and application requirements. Moreover, it can handle and manage critical issues, hardware maintenance and updates.


Azure Storage is accessible from all over the world through HTTP or HTTPS. It also supports various languages such as Java, Node.js, PHP, NET, Go, and Ruby.


Safe and secure encryption services are provided by Azure Storage. It relies on a Shared Key model for authentication security to offer granular control over data.

To be one step ahead, access can be further restricted with Shared Access Signature (SAS). You can access standard stores including Table, Queue, Blob, and Gile.