Citrix on Azure Pilot Deployment: : 3-Wk Imp

Edkal Technologies Inc.

Pilot development and deployment for on-premise Citrix to Azure

Pilot development and deployment for on-premise Citrix to Azure by silver partner EdKal. This Includes on-site architectural workshop, architecture design and transformation documentation, deployment of foundational services, standalone active directory, setup of Citrix cloud and Azure servers, lift, shift, reconfiguration, proof of functionality. The engagement consists of:

  1. Assessment (1-2 days): Pre-migration inventory, solution architecture, network, and security assessment
  2. Proof of concept (1-2 days): Development of proof of concept for the proposed implementation to determine if the solution meets the requirements
  3. Implementation (9-10 days): Complete lift and shift migration of the of on-premise Citrix to Microsoft Azure with post-migration validation of migrated functionalities
  4. Training (1-2 days): Post-migration training to the users with required user manuals

Deliverable: Detailed blueprint of Azure components, On-premises to cloud component mapping, Functional VMs for Azure Citrix servers, User Manual, Recommendation for future migrations.