"Azure Cloud Migration: 4-Wk Assessment."


Optimise the cost, agility and scalability of your IT ecosystem, by taking the best of your current infrastructure and integrating it with Azure cloud.

ELEKS will help you to create Azure cloud migration strategy to optimize your current IT ecosystem. You’ll gain in TCO and scalability by moving your solutions to the Azure cloud platform.

Step of your migration journey:

  1. Assessment and design: We categorize your applications and design new infrastructure and Azure cloud migration plan. Our team considers things like integration possibilities, security improvements, scalability, and innovation.
  2. Migration strategy plan and design: We define a comprehensive migration plan that creates the most seamless transfer using Azure DevOps Services, methodologies, and practices to manage your infrastructure.
  3. Total Cost of Ownership optimization: We consider geo location-specific pricing, services, and data storage; scaling scenarios, and containerizing your critical applications.
  4. Security and compliance recommendations. Once we’ve created a cloud migration plan, we’ll help you maintain and manage your recourses, applications, and data, through the Azure cloud monitoring systems.

We help you with
Boost operational efficiency: ELEKS has three decades’ expertise in cost-efficient software development and optimization – helping you deliver your core service with improved reliability and availability based on Azure cloud solutions.

Become more agile: We’ll analyze your current infrastructure and design the best configuration to promote scalability. You can extend your IT ecosystem with Azure services, allowing you to meet demand as your business grows, assess ‘what-if’ scenarios and respond to performance challenges.

Develop a new architecture faster: We use the Azure toolset to calculate potential cost optimizations and TCO. Our extensive experience in cloud migration based on the Cloud Adoption Framework of Microsoft allows us to speed up your journey to the cloud.

Improve data security: We’ll help you migrate your IT landscape to Azure, which meets industry-specific security standards and compliance.