Performance testing: 2-Week PoC


Goal of this offer is to analyze system under test, implement PoC and prepare for the performance testing implementation phase

Kick-start performance testing of your apps and systems with ELEKS' comprehensive consultancy service to ensure smooth progress and optimal results. This service is a crucial step in preparing for testing implementation. It offers valuable insights into the feasibility and scope of future testing endeavors.

We delve deep into understanding the feasibility and scope of further testing while analyzing the complexity of your systems, performance requirements, and business goals. By the end, you receive a comprehensive performance testing strategy document, complete with:

  • Process descriptions.
  • Estimated costs.
  • Recommended tools and technologies.
  • Azure environment, infrastructure, virtual machines needed to run performance tests.
  • Performance metrics.
  • Recommended scenarios, and User flows.
  • Recommendations related to integration of performance tests with Azure DevOps CI system.

Additionally, during this phase, we offer to implement a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to validate the feasibility of performance testing, laying a solid foundation for future test flows.
With ELEKS, you can confidently estimate and conduct performance testing for your Azure cloud-based applications.

Tools and methods we employ to efficiently test your applications in accordance with the defined strategy:

  • Performance testing tools: Azure DevOps, Jmeter, K6, Locust, Gatling, Lighthouse.
  • Types of tested assets: web applications, UI, API, microservices.
  • Testing types: performance, load, scalability, stress, and concurrency.
  • Performance data monitoring: Azure Monitoring, Grafana, NewRelic, and generation performance testing reports.
  • Emulation of hundreds of parallel users.

What we deliver:

  • Performance recommendations and improvement suggestions.
  • Performance testing before and after improvements, identification of baselines and key metrics.
  • Close collaboration with the Dev and QA teams to troubleshoot and resolve performance issues.