ADLA - Synapse Migration 4wk assessment (CAF Plan)


Migrate your Azure Data Lake Analytics workloads to Azure Synapse Analytics in complete confidence

Are you a:

  • A CTO responsible for a solution running on Azure Data Lake Analytics?
  • A Head of Development / Data leading a team who are developing solutions running Azure Data Lake Analytics?

Azure Data Lake Analytics is being sunsetted and is currently only receiving maintenance updates.

The good news is that Azure Synapse Analytics offers many of the same benefits as ADLA, and a whole lot more…

So there is no need to throw away everything you’ve learned. Instead, you can:

  • Migrate your existing workloads,
  • Retain your existing skills,
  • Grow your data capabilities

We can help you:

  • Migrate data from Data Lake Store Gen 1 to Gen 2
  • Translate USQL workloads into serverless TSQL
  • Convert data into Synapse friendly file formats
  • Identify bring-your-own-runtime alternatives
  • Map your existing security model to Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Update your CI/CD
  • Optimise workloads for cost and scale
  • Adapt existing cost management processes

The engagement will cover everything you need to de-risk your migration project:

  • Review your existing Azure Data Lake Analytics workloads
  • Define your data migration & security architecture
  • Understand your risks & organisational change
  • Validate your thinking through proof of value
  • Optimise your workloads for cost and performance
  • Prioritise & plan your ongoing roadmap

By the end of this process you will have everything you need to either implement the solution yourself, or put it out to tender.