Security & Compliance (CAF Plan) - 1 Week Workshop


A thorough end-to-end review of your application's risks.

Risk management strategies require multiple layers of protection that limit the pathways that could result in a data loss or breach.

Endjin have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to create a security model and data privacy architecture for Microsoft Azure, which we subject to external audit by both clients and independent third party security consultants.

Leveraging Microsoft's impressive array of Azure certifications, and using technologies such as Key Vault and SQL Server Always Encrypted, we help you to employ the latest data encryption, replication and monitoring, ensure rigid access controls, auditing and application configuration, and provide a clear segregation of duties, roles, and responsibilities within the organization.


  • 1 Introduction: we start with an overview of the process. We explain what information the client will need to supply to complete the process, and we provide an extensive set of examples of the kinds of risks that typically need to be taken into account, to help prompt thinking about the particular risks the client will need to handle
  • 2 Discovery Workshops: most clients do not have answers to all the questions raised in the introduction process at their fingertips, so there is usually a process of discovering the answers, and feeding them back to endjin; this often takes days, and is typically iterative—the process of answering these questions often brings new concerns to light
  • 3 Solution Design Proposal: endjin creates a solution designed to mitigate the risks identified during discovery; we present this to the client, explaining how the design offers multiple mitigations for each risk
  • 4 Iteration: a concrete design can raise further issues, so if necessary, the design will be developed further to accommodate any problems highlighted by the proposal