Cloud Platform Migration: 2-Hr Briefing


Overview of Cloud Platform Migration that brings a robust and repeatable structure in migrating workloads to Azure and preparing the organization in the transformation to a cloud-based model.

A properly planned and executed cloud platform migration to Azure will give a fast ROI (Return of Investment). In most cases a fast migration is beneficial, not only from a cost perspective, but from a support and maintenance perspective as well.

The Cloud Platform Migration engagement provides multiple levels of support in platform migrations, all from architectural design, planning and coordination as well as full transition teams executing the whole migration. The core in our practices is built on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, infused with our long-term experience, and know-how from large enterprise migration projects and complex hybrid environments.

Topics covered:

  • Business benefits and goals
  • Technical orientation and prerequisites
  • Engagement overview and approach
  • Phases, duration and starting point

This is a briefing and orientation on how we would work with the customer and deliver the above engagement. The briefing includes valuable knowledge transfer and experience sharing during the briefing.