Azure Foundation Assessment - 4-Wk assessment

FX Innovation

4-Week Azure Foundation Assessment to help guide your business as you begin your journey to Azure.

Azure Foundation Assessment


Align: People, business, and technology strategy

Achieve: Business and digital transformation goals

Deliver: Fast results with governance, control, and stability

Plan: Map out your route to the cloud properly

Leverage the cloud adoption framework to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and a successful plan forward.


Fast Track Your Cloud Migration We analyze your infrastructure and provide best steps forward to get you into Azure quickly and securely.

Careful Planning and Consideration Review your identity and access management plan to build for success in Azure.

Tailored Workshops Run workshops to explain the importance of the Cloud Adoption Framework.

Complete Cost Analysis Provide a cost estimate on moving to Azure and draw out a financial plan for your migration.

Implementing Governance Review of your operational and management procedures.


WEEK 1-2

Run an Infrastructure scan to understand your environment

Review your motivating factors and business needs

Run various workshops to understand your keys to success

WEEK 3-4

Present a complete business report on your migration, tailored specifically to your business to provide you:

Estimated costs Azure eligibility Optimization options