Data Analytics with Azure: 8-hour workshop

GFT Poland

GFT supports building cloud data platforms to enable organization-wide data intelligence

As data volumes grow and business brings new challenges, organizations look for more efficient and advanced ways for enabling valuable insights from the gathered data. Azure provides various solutions for data storage, analytics and machine learning, however building a robust and optimal solution requires several strategic decisions. There is no one-size-fits-all data analytics deployment pattern.


We offer running 8 hours of online workshops with our cloud and data architects to help you
  • Understand organizational challenges related to building meaningful insights from data gathered across the company
  • Understand core functional business drivers as well as non-functional aspects (data volumes and latency)
  • Identify core decision drivers for architecture and tools selection
  • Identify security and data protection principles
  • Discover options and opportunities of using cloud technology for data analytics enablement.


GFT provides advice and execution to help you with the next steps:
  • Design a modern data platform architecture fitting company needs and scale
  • Plan an analytics enablement project
  • Build a secure, automated analytics infrastructure deployment following the best industry-standard practices
  • Support migrating data from on-premises systems to cloud for analytics purposes
  • Build data ingestion and analytics flows for both batch and real-time processing
  • Enable data for business analytics and machine learning
  • Use infrastructure-as-code approach for systems maintainability as well as DevOps, DataOps and MLOps procedures for production readiness


  • Support of experts that have years of experience with a multitude of clients from the financial sector
  • Experience in working with data hubs in global financial institutions
  • GFT offers develop