HPC with Azure DEC: 10-WK Proof of Concept

GNS Systems GmbH

10 weeks Proof of Concept: Your access to high-end CAE workstations in the cloud, combining services and data on one interface with HPC on Azure DEC.

The agile provisioning of infrastructures in the cloud is essential for virtual product development. The Digital Engineering Center for Azure (Azure DEC) in the cloud combines all the tools CAE engineers need to perform calculations and CPU-intensive tasks in simulation and analysis efficiently. Resources scale according to their needs, so the working environment in Azure provides maximum flexibility in computing power. Azure DEC increases the level of automation and thus enhances the quality and speed of your simulations:At the same time, Azure DEC significantly minimizes the costs of virtual product development through optimal use of resources. The scalable architecture in Azure meets all the future-oriented requirements of virtual product development.

Azure DEC - powerful for virtual product development:

• higher innovation speed through worldwide collaborations • faster time-to-market of new innovations through shorter design cycles • high degree of automation increases the quality and speed of simulations • more efficient workflows meet the requirements of simulation-driven designs • more compliance through broad application support of CAE applications • Managed Services ensure ongoing operation, maintenance and continuous integration

More informations: www.engineering-workplace.de

This Proof of Concept includes the professional services from GNS Systems: migration, consultation and assessment.

*Note: For a free proof of concept the requirements for a Miicrosoft Azure Sponsorship must be fulfilled. Please contact us for questions, we will be glad to help you.