Intelligent healthcare platform

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The HARMAN Intelligent Healthcare Platform helps Healthcare and Life Sciences companies reach their customer-centric goals through a seamless transformation of data, analytics, intelligence, and governance functions in a secure, cost-effective, and privacy-compliant manner.

Key pillars of the platform
  • HIPAA regulatory compliance and data convergence
  • Adaptive cloud-native solutions
  • Data security (encryption, RBAC, data anonymization, and more)
  • Adherence to data privacy compliance (GDPR)
  • Robust data governance.
  • Open standards and open-source software
  • Agile data platformization

Some of the key components of the Intelligent Healthcare Platform solution are
  • Scalable, reliable, and comprehensive engine. to support various data types.
  • Data Machine ingests, processes and securely stores data from devices, sensors, clinical, genomic, patients, claims, wellness etc.
  • The data lake stores various data types at scale and helps run exploratory and predictive analytics and visualizations to generate actionable insights.
  • Centralized reporting and analytics portal to meet various requirements, including Self Service BI option for power users.
  • It has Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and models across Predictive. Analytics, Computer Vision, NLP and Graph analytics.

Harman uses Azure cloud services to quickly build functional blocks to develop solutions much faster helping the customers to a faster GTM, coupled with Azure Datalake Gen2, Azure Synapse, Data Fabric and Azure Machine Learning for the data curation, governance and analytics of the healthcare data from various sources.