HCL Azure Virtual WAN Services : 2-weeks Assessment

HCL Technologies

HCL Azure Virtual WAN Services assessment will include detailed understanding of clients environment as well as providing details solution capabilities, services delivery and support mechanisms etc.

HCL’s TIS SmartNet enables a high-speed Azure native backbone, combined with ease of quick and efficient cloud interconnections, globally. This fulfils the promise of ‘Cloud Delivered Branch’ for enterprises by providing large-scale, flexible, and optimized branch connectivity across the Azure network. It is based on super-fast path routing between on-premises, virtual appliances and cloud hosted workloads.

HCL’s Transport Independent Site (TIS) is a future ready and cloud agnostic SD-WAN framework that dynamically routes and intelligently connects the global WAN infrastructure of enterprises, making it truly transport agnostic and automated. The business-first and experience-centric platform approach enables centralized control, cloud management, AIOps, global network orchestration, advanced analytics, and carrier neutrality, all in a ‘as-a-Service’ model. The connectivity management is done via the Azure cloud portal.

HCL’s TIS SmartNet module entails SD-WAN Snap-On services from NFV enabled branch edge directly to Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure vWAN not only provides a high-speed global backbone, but also decongests SD-WAN connectivity, hosting myriad SD-WAN provider options at the vWAN edge.

We utilize a lifecycle approach which includes strategy, assessment, planning, design, implementation, and management.

HCL's Azure Virtual WAN Assessment Service would cover high level activities as :

1."Discover "- to understand the devices in the client’s environment.

2 "Build" overview - identify the transformation areas of the client’s environment and generate output in the form of actionable recommendations.

3 "Sense" Overview - explain details around monitoring network devices on the real-time basis, includes network analytics parameter and single pane of glass operations.

  1. "Migration" Overview - explains detail around ‘one-click migration’ using workflow-based automation.

  2. Final recommendation with an estimate of cost and timing.