Security Operations Center - 4 weeks POC

Informatika a.d.

4 weeks PoC on how to use Microsoft Sentinel as a primary SIEM by delivering intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise

Informatika helps organizations to optimize and improve their cyber security using real-time threat intelligence and our Security Operations Center (SOC) services, provided by experienced analysts and security practitioners in the area of threat prevention. From Public sector to Enterprise companies, we've built and provided SOC services that take into account our clients' organisational structure, business processes and security weaknesses. Our team comprises of highly qualified experts with over 20 years of Microsoft Security experience in data security, threat and vulnerability assessments, design implementation and management of security solutions, as well as cyber security consulting. We help our clients build the best foundation to move from reacting to incidents to applying analytics to proactively manage cyber threats by using Microsoft Sentinel - Cloud-native SIEM Solution

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is an external center for monitoring and analysis of our clients’ IT infrastructure and systems, which provides the people, technology, and experience to help you get the most out of your Microsoft Sentinel deployment.

• 20 Years of experience in Microsoft security. • 24/7 surveillance and alert services on Microsoft Sentinel. • Dedicated SOC team with L1 & L2 Security Analysts. • We differentiate false positives and respond to true positives within minutes. • We deliver real-time incident reports