Knowledge Mining on Azure: 2-3 WK Implementation.

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Deploy a highly performant search service with built-in AI capabilities with minimal effort.

Whether you are working with structured data or unstructured data, we can help you extract valuable information from massive sets of documents, databases, and other sources. This solution can be used for digital archiving solutions of unstructured data and for creating libraries of searchable content from documents, images, audio, or videos. Using a combination of Intelligent services, you can identify people, locations and key phrases in images or text to uncover hidden insights all in one place without having to manage different AI services for each use case. With the large volumes of data we work with today, Knowledge mining helps you focus on the data that matters the most.

By leveraging Azure Cognitive services, you can • Create searchable content from massive sets of structured or unstructured data. • Use prebuilt AI features to detect language, and extract People, locations, objects, key phrases, and Text from documents (PDF, Word) or images. • Train custom machine learning models to enrich your data.

Integrate with a variety of supported data sources or use REST API. Integrate with your applications using REST API.