Infosys Azure CAF Aligned QA Assessment - 8 weeks

Infosys Ltd

Infosys CQAT – A trusted Cloud Quality Assessment and Transformation is an ‘as-a-service’ offering which is completely aligned with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

###Overview :

Infosys Cloud Quality Assessment and Transformation, part of Infosys Cobalt, helps customers assess the quality risks in cloud implementations and guides in building a comprehensive test strategy to validate such cloud implementations.

This service covers IaaS, PaaS and SaaS implementation testing requirements across Infrastructure, Database migration, App implementation (Containerization, Kubernetes), Cloud formation validation and non-functional requirements like Load, Performance and security testing needs.

This service enables companies accelerate testing and assists in proactively flagging quality concerns in across disposition on cloud migration like Re-host, Re-factor, Re-Platform or Re-Architect

###Duration and Deliverables :

The assessment framework covers 8 dimensions of implementation across 20 focus areas, from a validation and test standpoint on cloud, aligned to the overall Cloud Adoption Framework from Azure.

The assessment is typically conducted over a span of 8 weeks and provides recommendations on test methodology and process to be adopted on cloud, key QA focus areas to be identified for ensuring a risk free migration as well as suggestions on tooling for automation with cloud native QA accelerators that can help drive agility and ensure compliance.

###Value Delivered :

Infosys CQAT service is built leveraging the best practices from Infosys Patented Enterprise Quality Assurance Model (EQATM) and the service is designed to deliver:


*100% Test Coverage Assurance with a clear test plan and strategy covering functional, data, platform and non functional (security and performance) validations


*Right Fit Test Methodology with recommendation on industry best practices for ensuring test maturity elevation and driven through a shift left approach


*At least 40% faster test cycles through Machine first approach with right fitment on tooling for automation on cloud and marketplace solutions