Azure PaaS JumpStart: 5-day Proof of Concept


Begin your Azure platform services journey with an Azure PaaS JumpStart from Insight.

Increase the flexibility and scalability of your applications. The pace of business today demands that organizations become more flexible and responsive. One way to do this is by transitioning to a service-oriented IT model, reducing hardware investments and CapEx over time. Microsoft® Azure® Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides everything you need to deliver cloud-based applications, with resources available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Whether you’re confidently cloud-first or have just gotten started on your cloud journey, an Azure PaaS JumpStart is a fast and effective way to begin modernizing key workloads and take advantage of the cloud.

Insight JumpStarts are on-site, expert-led meetings that educate and execute results. Centered around best practices for cloud and security, JumpStarts familiarize your team with new technology and provide you with a working environment you can begin using right away.

How does the Azure PaaS JumpStart POC work?

  1. Our Microsoft experts educate your staff on the features and functionality of Azure infrastructure, focusing on how to implement and operationalize.
  2. Through whiteboarding sessions, we design your implementation based on current and future requirements, as well as security best practices.
  3. We build a secure Azure PaaS environment for you. This includes:
  • Establishing an Azure DevOps environment incorporated with your source control.
  • Leveraging automation to reduce manual processes and streamline development.
  • Laying the framework for DevOps with continuous integration and deployment practices.
  • Implementing and configuring the Azure platform application template.

The result:

  • Your team will leave the JumpStart with a foundation in Azure PaaS and an application template ready for deployment of your solution.