Connected Communities: 6 Wk Implementation


Leverage Insight’s unique super system integrator capacity to accelerate your IoT journey with Connected Communities, a scalable platform to ingest, visualize and trigger events from any data source.

IT teams must drive innovation while simultaneously managing day-to-day operations. To succeed, your business must be positioned to power digital transformation, enabling growth through the IoT ecosystem while increasing operational efficiency, security, and profitability.

Insight’s Connected Communities platform will fast track your transformation journey. The Connected Communities framework aggregates a wide range of IoT offerings – all in one centralized dashboard. This enables simplified and more cost-efficient management and deployment of solutions, which in turn provides cross-domain insights generating new revenue streams and improved service.

Whether your implementation aligns with an out-of-the box industry use case, or requires a fully customized solution, you'll have the opportunity to leverage our team of IoT and Azure cloud experts to design and execute a comprehensive Connected Communities hub.  

The implementation of Connected Communities will start with an initial discovery to define required outcomes, success criteria and digital estate planning.  Next, we’ll work with you to create a scalable framework thoughtfully designed around existing IoT devices, operations, security, apps and infrastructure.    Upon completion, you'll benefit from the rapid integration of multiple technology systems, holistic analytics drawn from various data points, scalabilty and robust security, real-time notifications, and the support of Insight's IoT device management portal and managed services.

  • Price is based on terms & conditions, and may vary.