Connected Safety: 6 Wk Implementation


Connected Safety is a complete safety and alert notification system helping schools and businesses keep people situationally aware through a system of IoT devices and a centralized communication hub.

Security and IT teams, whether at schools, campuses, manufacturing facilities, and factories need to keep occupants safe. These locations often already have robust security measures in place—like security systems, cameras, remote locks, cardkey access, and more. But when it comes to emergencies, there aren’t any standardized ways to make sure everyone is aware of the situation, communicate with the broader community, and help everyone feel safe. And that’s where Insight Connected Safety with Microsoft Azure steps in.

Connected Safety is a flexible solution that can be easily extended, customized, and deployed as a stand-alone system, or integrated into existing safety solutions thanks to Microsoft Azure. The base solution can include smart buttons, sound sensors, smart bulbs, interactive floorplans and maps, and security systems. The included Connected Safety dashboard enables admin users and members of the security team to monitor integrated security systems and devices, manage active crises, and communicate with their community from a central location on desktop or mobile. Additionally, the core solution includes a device provisioning app and a community mobile app to maximize crisis communication powered by Microsoft Azure.

The implementation of Connected Safety will start with an initial discovery to define existing security measures, additional IoT devices available to increase security and monitoring, required outcomes, success criteria and digital estate planning. Next, we’ll work with you to create a scalable framework thoughtfully designed around existing IoT devices, governance and operations, security, apps and infrastructure. Upon completion, you'll benefit from the rapid integration of multiple technology systems, scalability and robust security, real-time notifications and communication capabilities, and the support of Insight's IoT device management portal and managed services.

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