AI Vision Accelerator: 7-Wk Implementation

Insight Canada Inc

Insight will help you to enable Custom Vision, powered by Azure Cognitive Services, by identifying a use case, integrating with new or existing devices, then developing and demonstrating an AI model.


Insight’s AI Vision Accelerator delivers expert guidance and a vision AI model, a cutting-edge foundation and a set of functional blocks in Azure IoT and Cognitive Services for deployment of new features to a camera-focused solution. We’ll help you build a framework, demonstrate a use case, and enable you to take full advantage of infrastructure and edge compute capabilities. This foundation can be integrated with new and existing devices and systems.


• Consultation - We’ll begin with an in-depth workshop set to understand your business needs and determine the best use case for your new AI vision model. This includes discussions around workload, as well as specifics around time and location.

• Design - Our experts will recommend specific solutions based on identified opportunities. Our commonly recommended solutions include a reference architecture of Azure IoT and AI services, including Live Video Analytics, and Custom Vision to drive the most value. Your approval on a recommendation will result in design of an applicable solution.

• Deployment & Setup - The approved package, including devices, networking, and edge compute components will be procured, and our team will execute installation, deployment, and configuration of hardware and services to implement the designed solution. AI model training will be conducted iteratively to achieve the targeted outcome as quickly as possible.

• Value Assessment - Testing and validation, both of outcome achievement, and value realization, will be executed and documented to determine appropriate next steps and for scale and adoption of further use cases.


• Reduce the time required to put a solution in production

• Deploy new features faster by building the proper groundwork for Azure AI and IoT

• Embrace an Azure IoT solution confidently with expert guidance

• Get help configuring your solution via wiring, device deployment & more

• Easily integrate existing systems and devices