SAFE DRIVE IN CLOUD: 3 Day Assesment


An infrastructure optimisation Program that supports organizations in optimizing costs and identifying potential threats arising from the current architecture in Azure AD environments.

Basic Cost of is based on remote project in environment up to 50VMs & 250 users. Bigger enviroments can be quoted individually. Additional cost can arise for travel costs & additional scope, ordered by customer- in such case please ask for details. The project scope bases includes:

  1. Environmental analysis, privilege verification and user Group management policies check.
  2. Potential risk sources identification
  3. Assessment of used solutions from the DRC and backup perspective
  4. Analysis of current virtual machine workloads and storage usage.
  5. Complete process of optimising the current infrastructure costs in areas of: a. Existing "Zombie" resources b. Timing for virtual machine load & usage c. Reccomendations for tailored size of used Azure services D. Mapping of on premises VMs & databases into Microsoft Azure services
  6. Cost simulation for different migration scenarios
  7. Closing workshop

Process can also be a extended with workshop, focused on mapping business problems to technology in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure services.

The final documentation includes AAD review report as well as recommendations for service migration as High Level Design document.

The basic package can be extended with additional individual services from the "Cloud Managed Service Menu" - offered by INTEGRIT S.A..