Moodle(TM) LMS: 5 days Implementation

Information Technology of Egypt Corporation

Implementation consultation for higher education and workplace with the availability to integrate with your Microsoft Teams

eLearning Solution Customized by ITE Corp.
it is an eLearning/eTraining Solution utilizing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure. The Flexibility of the solution enable the easiest way to integrate with all Microsoft technology including Microsoft Teams, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Moodle on Azure is an eLearning management system designed to make creating long-distance education/Training and other online learning programs easier to setup and use, it’s designed to Help people to create educational programs online, Include features that help users control administration, Employee progress and reporting, Actual delivery of educational materials, Classroom collaboration Activities.

Challenges addressed by this solution:

  • Creation of (Long-Distance - Online Corporate Training) Programs.
  • Controlling and administrating, Employee's progress and reporting with the Actual delivery of Training materials.
  • Drive the Employees on the right track competencies.