Entra Permissions Management: 8-Week POC

ITC Secure Ltd

Experience a single-pane unified view of your Azure and multi-cloud permissions posture

Over-privileged access is already a source of risk, becoming ever more challenging in Azure and Multi-Cloud Environments

Many organisations are moving to Azure and multi-cloud platforms for a variety of good business reasons. However, this approach also creates some challenges, especially around identity. The significant increase in cloud workloads and accompanying breadth of identities across the clouds is challenging enough. But when the permissions granted to individuals (and other resources) begins to creep beyond what is absolutely required at that moment - the risks and attack surface becomes much greater.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) permissions management aims to address this, through continuous permissions monitoring and proactive response. Microsoft’s Entra Permissions Management delivers this functionality and more, including behavioural analytics, and complements the more reactive Microsoft Defender suite, adding greater confidence in you Azure/multi-cloud environment.

ITC Secure help you use Microsoft’s Entra Permissions Management tooling for discovery and proactive management, through running a Proof of Concept (PoC) engagement to demonstrate value. Our consultants help you deploy the tooling in your Azure and multi-cloud environment. It is then left to run for 1-2 weeks before our consultants return and, leveraging ITC Secure’s in-depth experience, help you gain rapid insight into your cloud permission risk and how to start addressing potential issues uncovered, improving your Azure and multi-cloud posture.

Throughout the PoC our team will work with you throughout to review the output from Entra Permissions Management Permissions Creep Index (PCI) and Behavioural Analytics. This is aimed to maximise your exposure to the product and to gather as much real world Azure/multi-cloud data and insights as possible in the shortest period of time.