Lift & Shift Migration: 3-Wk Implementation

ITI Inc.

Through a 3-week engagement, we will migrate (prepare, replicate and failover) a customer's servers to Azure via a lift and shift approach.

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be a daunting task. ITI’s three-step Lift & Shift approach allows you to quickly transition your existing assets to Azure, opening the door to a world of possibilities.

Following the discovery and definition phase of your strategy (Lift & Shift Migration: 2-Wk Discovery), your existing Azure landing zone will allow you to migrate your workloads. To reduce migration risks, we opt for an iterative approach at every stage, with a series of tasks that must be successfully completed before moving on to the next step.

We’ve built our expertise by successfully completing hundreds of Azure migrations. Our approach is based on Microsoft’s proven methodology to simplify and speed up your transition to Azure while removing most of the work from your hands to optimize your time. ITI provides assistance at every step, from planning operations to implementation.

During this three-week engagement, we provide the following services:

First week: • Preparation of the pre-requisites • Replication of the servers

Second week: • Test failover • Adjustment of the plan • Failover to Azure

Third week: • Go-live assistance • Cleanup

To be eligible for this offer, customers must have a valid Azure landing zone and must have completed the "Lift & Shift Migration: 2-Wk Discovery" offer.

For 30 years, ITI has combined the energy and innovation of a start-up with the experience of a firmly established company. With 450 employees who hold a total of 1,400 certifications, ITI provides high-level expertise to serve more than 2,000 clients. ITI’s Azure team is a leader in this practice, with thousands of hours of experience working on hundreds of architecture, implementation, migration and modernization projects. ITI’s methodical approach is based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, which enables organizations, both public and private, to plan and execute their migration at a sustainable pace and reap benefits from it in the early stages.

Note: Pricing displayed is per instance (physical or virtual server) being migrated.