Azure Files: 5-Days Implementation

IT Partner LLC

Swiftly enable cloud-based file management through Azure Files by configuring Azure components, connecting the drive, and providing clear instructions for added device connections.

This service allows you to quickly start taking advantage of cloud technologies when working with various files. With Azure Files, you can connect to data stored in the cloud in the same way as you would with a network share on your local network.


Azure Files is a Microsoft cloud service that provides a cloud-based storage service that enables you to create and use network file shares in the cloud using SMB and API's with the option to use File Sync services for caching files shares locally. This solution helps you easily create multiple storage shares and sync with different locations such as branch offices. Azure Files has certain Key Features:

  • Smart Caching with File Sync including cloud tiering, multi site sync, and fast file server DR.
  • Large storage capabilities with 2 Petabyte storage account capacities.
  • Its security features include encryption of data at rest and in transit.
  • Includes integrated snapshot capabilities and cloud resiliency.

Our goal is to configure all the necessary Azure components and connect the drive to one of your devices, along with detailed instructions on how to connect other devices.

IT Partner Responsibilities

  • Configure Azure Storage account data hosting.
  • Enable File Share access to a Storage Account.
  • Set up File Share connection as a network drive on a single server or a workstation.
  • Provision a configuration instruction for manual drive mapping to a workstation.

Client Responsibilities

  • Provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for working with IT Partner.
  • Coordinate any involved third-party vendor resources and schedules.
  • Facilitate configuration of all network equipment such as load balancers, routers, firewalls, and switches.
  • Inform users about upcoming changes and provide the necessary information.

Additional Cost Items Not Provided by the Project

  • Informing users about upcoming changes.
  • Customer team training (could be added as an additional service).
  • Data migration to the Cloud Services, including Azure Files.
  • End-user desktop software settings.

Upon completion of the project, we will provide a project closeout report. This document will indicate the final project status including acceptance criteria matching, outstanding issues, and the final budget. If you require more extensive documentation, it can be provided for an additional fee.


The plan may vary depending on your needs:

  • Kickoff meeting.
  • Configure and prepare Azure settings.
  • Create Azure storage account and Azure files services.
  • Map a drive to a server.
  • Verification.
  • Provide instruction (if required).

Success Criteria

Azure Storage Account and Azure File Share are created, up and running.

Created File Share is mapped on the target server or workstations as a network drive.

Files can be written and read from a mapped network drive.

File Share mapping as a network drive instruction is provided.

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