Azure Sentinel Security: 6-week Implementation

IX Solutions Ltd.

Get Smarter and Faster Threat Detection and Response with Azure Sentinel
Deploy Azure Sentinel rapidly with a proof of concept SIEM that’s configured right the first time. Our experts at IX Solutions will work with your IT Security team to deploy the solution over a six-week period, providing you with access to valuable insights that will enable you with smarter and faster threat detection and response. Implementation schedule: Week 1: Half-day workshop to review your organization’s security posture - Consult with your security team to evaluate your security landscape - Identify key resources and high-risk assets to be protected Week 2: Build and configure your instance of Azure Sentinel - On-board core data connectors and logging sources into Sentinel including Azure AD, Office 365, Microsoft Security Events, and Windows Firewall Week 3: Initial hunt and analysis of data sources - Perform initial evaluation of data patterns and baselines - Fine-tune and refine analytics rules and alerts Week 4: Review and operationalize hunting results - Configure automated alerts and response to analytic rules - Build custom workbook dashboards to visualize security patterns and trends Week 5: Tool development - Create custom hunting queries to gain greater insights into security data - Evaluate analytics rules and alerts to ensure a quick response Week 6: Two half-day training and knowledge transfer sessions with your IT team - Overview of completed work and Sentinel tools - Training sessions with your security and IT staff Add-On Services: Enhance your Sentinel deployment with an expert team that’s dedicated to managing your Azure Sentinel environment. We provide additional services including: - ongoing threat hunting - customized workbook builds based on requirements - automation to remediate common threats - quarterly reporting of the threat landscape