Azure IaaS Migration: 5-Day Proof of Concept


Validate your IaaS migration process with a proof of concept

KCOM's IaaS Proof of Concept (PoC) Migration Service helps organisations reduce risks by validating the migration process ahead of a live migration. Our PoC helps customers assess the time involved to migrate workloads along with validating technical factors such as connectivity to the workload in the landing zone.

KCOM’s cloud experts perform this proof of concept migration for you. You can choose to migrate either a single VM or set of VMs that form an overall workload.

Before commencing the engagement, we will agree on the scope. This includes agreeing on the workload that you wish to use for the proof of concept and the Azure environment to which it will be migrated to.

We perform the migration using migration tooling. This tooling is deployed into your existing environment (which we can assist with if needed).

Once the PoC workload is migrated it will be available to you in Azure for test/validation purposes. A benefit of this approach is that for the duration of the pilot the on-prem instance of the workload will continue to run as is.

Also see KCOM’s related services - Azure Migration Assessment and Azure Landing Zone Implementation - both of these are useful precursors to the proof of concept migration.


Proof of Concept Workload in Azure - we will provide you with access to the migrated workload in Azure - this will be available to you for test/validation purposes

Migration summary - we will provide you with a report summarising the migration process - this will include suggestions for how to progress beyond the proof of concept to a live migration