Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment: 1-2-Hour Q&A


This is a one to two-hour cloud readiness assessment with an in-depth Q&A analysis covering five topics: the current state of Infrastructure, Application Code, Data, DevOps, and Team Maturity.

Organizations are evolving/growing past their current and legacy infrastructures at a rapid pace. Often the impetus is to immediately move “to the cloud” and all the problems will be solved. But unless your organization is truly ready to make that move to the cloud, you will encounter several challenges that may impact cloud success.

This assessment explores five categories integral to cloud migration success, including the current state of:

  • Infrastructure
  • Application Code
  • Data
  • DevOps
  • Team Maturity

Keyhole experts will ask your organization questions such as the following:

State of Data

  • Do you have a defined domain bounded context?
  • Will you host your data in the cloud? If not, are you prepared for hybrid implementation?
  • Do your apps access data directly, or go through a service/abstraction layer?
  • Are you event-based, OLAP/BI, or highly transactional OLTP?
  • Do you have clean data to start with?

State of Application Code

  • Are your applications/services stateful or stateless?
  • Is your code brittle or highly dependent on other applications?

State of DevOps

  • Do you have a CI/CD pipeline in place?
  • Can you deploy parts of your codebase independently, or does everything have to go at once (including data changes)?

State of Infrastructure

  • Do you have a preference for a cloud provider?
  • Will you be able to support cloud applications internally, or will you explore managed services?

State of Team Maturity

  • Do you have team members with cloud technology experience?
  • Are the business stakeholders on-board with a move to the cloud?

This assessment discusses these questions and more in an effort to assess your cloud readiness. Cloud experts help your members to understand potential pain points and realistic expectations.

Next Step

This assessment sets the groundwork for a plan to get to the cloud. Prioritization and execution through the plan can help you and your organization make an educated move to the cloud.