Cloud Readiness Assessment: 6 weeks

Knowit AB

Knowit provides an assessment aligned with the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and we will help you to define your Cloud Strategy & Roadmap with Azure best practices.

The assessment aims to assess and report on customer maturity with regards to cloud adoption including architecture, IT-environment, operations, blockers and future roadmap.

The assessment includes:

  1. Cloud Maturity Assessment – Assess organizations current cloud state and business plan from a cloud maturity perspective to identify gaps, focus areas and risk analysis based on interviews and forms.

  2. Cloud Readiness Assessment - Assess current application environment using the five Rs (Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild & Replace) of rationalization for cloud adoption.

  3. Cloud Migration Assessment – Assess current application & infrastructure ecosystem across a wide range of parameters to provide recommendations for cloud modernization using Azure Migrate discovery & assessment.


Knowit will work closely with organisations and the outcome of the assessment is a comprehensive report including

• Mapping cloud strategy, principles and business drivers for cloud adoption.

• Analysis of application portfolio to define roadmap on how to modernize & transition to cloud to achieve desired cloud adoption goals aligned with Azure CAF.

• Define potential Total cost of ownership (TCO) and cost estimation on Azure.

Pricing and duration for the service depends on a number of factors such as (but not limited to): customer size (number of VMs & applications), workloads involved, geographical spread etc.