Azure Migration services- 4 Week implementation

Liquid C2

Work with the fastest-growing CSP to migrate your applications, data and infrastructure to Azure

Unlocking your future in the cloud - Liquid C2 Azure Migration Services

Whether you are crawling into your cloud journey or running through it at Olympic record speeds, we aim to unlock your business's potential and growth all whilst taking on the duty of managing the migration as a managed service, so you don’t have to.

Work with the fastest-growing Cloud Service Provider across Africa to migrate your applications, data, and infrastructure to Azure.
Liquid C2 Azure Migration service is vital for businesses of all sizes who look to embrace digital transformation and create a more agile and streamlined IT infrastructure.

Azure Migration Services in 4 steps

1. Define the strategy
Through close consultation, we define and commit to specific business, technical and organisational objectives.
2. Plan
We carefully analyse your entire environment to create a plan that takes into consideration your servers, VMs, and workloads you wish to migrate.
3. Ready for migration
We prepare your environment for migration to ensure the final cutover is smooth.

4. Govern and manage
We pay close attention to ensuring all industry standards and regulatory requirements are addressed. We also help you establish good operational practices to ensure your applications run smoothly.

Benefits and features

  • Stress-free migration service
    Our team of certified experts will handle the entire migration process- All that is required from you is to enjoy the benefits of your best move yet.
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
    Whether you wish to migrate your entire business to the cloud or need to have sensitive data/applications reside on-premises - we cater to all your needs.
  • Cost optimisation
    Save money from having consumption-based billing, increased manageability and reduced hardware support