Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-wk Proof of Concept


Exploring Windows Virtual Desktop - Work with Mangano IT on a WVD Proof of Concept to understand the benefits

Deliver a better user experience for your employees, have the latest security and feature updates, and reduce costs across your IT environment with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Users can access their desktop from anywhere they have internet access

Built on Azure, a significant cost savings with reduced infrastructure required and less management overhead Simplifies scalability as WVD can easily be expanded as the business grows or needs to scale down WVD always up to date with the latest security features from Microsoft

Our Delivery Method

As part of the implementation, it’s crucial to understand the business outcomes and create an operational WVD environment for the business to assess.

The deliverables in this proof of concept includes:

Prepare new Azure tenant (as required)

Procure and apply required Microsoft licenses Configure Azure Active Directory Connect and Hybrid Domain Join for devices Configure WVD core components on Azure Provision a Windows 10 multisession host pool, including Office 365 Confgure FSLogix user profile containers Handover service for user testing

The duration of this offering is 4 weeks, with up to one week required to complete the operationally ready Azure WVD platform. This estimate may vary depending on the business requirements.