LaunchRAMP® (6- Week Assessment)


Scope The LaunchRAMP Cloud Adoption Framework - Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) is a service to determine a customer’s commitment and capability to fully engage in Azure Cloud Migrations

Detailed Steps:

The assessment is comprised of questions organized and aligned to the Azure Cloud

LaunchRAMP Cloud Adoption Framework(CAF) is aligned with Azure CAF and includes questionnaires for different assessment areas. It will be filled out by ManTech’s Azure Professional Services Consultant. These answers are used to calculate DevOps maturity score and Cloud Readiness score for the customer. These scores are calculated using ManTech’s custom calculators which have been used for migrations of 100’s of applications. Based on Security and Architecture assessment for customers in the migration journey key observations and actions are provided to customers by the ManTech Azure Cloud professional services consultant. ManTech Azure Professional Services Consultant will be either having focused sessions with key stakeholders or conducting individual interviews. These activities will be coupled with the experience and observations of the ManTech’s Azure Professional Services Consultant from prior migration efforts. The duration of assessments will depend on the availability of customer roles who can answer each question. In many cases, a cloud migration workshop or kick-off could be scheduled that can bring together IT leaders to discuss the migration goals and approaches. Once the assessment has been completed, the ManTech’s Azure Professional Services Consultant will present the assessment to the customer. The objective is to ensure that observations and gaps are understood by the customer but perhaps more importantly any near-term actions are documented to continue the customer forward in their migration journey. During the assessment, the transcripts will be used to estimate the migration readiness planning work and begin preparation activities required for migration readiness planning.