Explore Innovation Workshop: 10 day engagement

Prodware Group

Accelerate digital transformation for solid business success with practical innovation

Explore Innovation Workshop

At Prodware we believe in practical innovation; connecting real business needs with technology within reach. Innovative technology often built on leading platforms such as Microsoft Azure; enabling organizations to harness Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Augmented Reality, all embedded and working with familiar business applications.

For example, Prodware consultants supported a client get started to transform their field service maintenance of trucks on the e-highway using Microsoft Hololens enabled by Microsoft Azure. The digital model allows all components to be viewed in great detail to support engineers with real-time data and documents exchanged on-site and in the office.
We also work with DeviceTone Genie, using Azure IoT to connect and transform any device to the cloud; in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service workflows and triggers from IoT Central; our clients can work with familiar tools in predictive maintenance scenarios.
Our services support you in getting started, or to transform your ideas into reality; innovation powered by Microsoft Azure. This is a tailored program of innovation discovery, advice and implementation that help our customers.

The objective of our Explore Innovation Workshop is to provide laser-sharp focus on your strategic needs and how specific innovation tech can bring transformation about with agility.

Agenda - Week 1

  • Industry innovation outlook
  • How Microsoft Azure supports innovation
  • Reflection based on stakeholders' interviews
  • Challenges mapping and priorities
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Expectations and KSF/KPI definitions
  • Insights discussions
  • Wrap up, summary and next steps

Agenda - Week 2

  • Documentation of week 1 inc. innovation gap analysis
  • Aligned action plan
Price quoted is estimated based on needs.