TechCare: Minimum 2 day services & implementation

Prodware Group

TechCare ITIL based infrastructure managed services ensure the operation, security and performance of your infrastructure and IT cloud assets

TechCare Infrastructure Managed Services

The IT team's role in facilitating the digital transformation of an organization is vital. Customers, partners and colleagues expect a modern and intuitive experience when dealing with your brand, but this means systems and processes need to be modernized. How is your IT landscape kept up to date, relevant and working to support your ambitions?

TechCare Managed Service is a comprehensive ITIL-based program to manage the maintenance, patches, fixes, updates, developments and security of your infrastructure (inc. Microsoft Azure cloud services), including terminals, devices, and applications.

Plus, added value services such as license, security and infrastructure health checks, application optimization and updates.

TechCare covers the following processes and functions:

  • Service Desk
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Request fulfilment
  • Release management
  • Asset management

Scope of TechCare Managed Service

  • Technical assistance: On capabilities and configuration of assets
  • Corrective maintenance: Incident management to reduce the impact on the user or business
  • Adaptive maintenance: Support for change requests which can be either normal change requests (e.g. new server, new functionality), standard changes (e.g. user management) or an urgent change
  • Scheduled resources: Regular and planned services remotely or at your premises to carry out controls, predefined services, administration operations, support services
  • Asset management: Automatic monitoring of your mission-critical IT assets and threshold notification mechanism
  • Value-added services: To help you stay ahead of the tech curve.
  • Governance: Service Level Managers (SLMs) guarantee quality and continuous improvement of services

Price shown is estimated minimum no. of days over 1 yr.