Azure Cloud Readiness: 2-Day Assessment (Remote)

Merit Solutions

Are you considering moving your apps or infrastructure to Microsoft Azure? This 2-day assessment will quantify the time, effort, and cost required to make the move to the cloud.
**The goal of this workshop is to obtain all the data you need to understand your company's path to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.** Day 1 is a joint working session to uncover all of the critical factors regarding your existing technologies in order to then spend Day 2 working on the assessment summary, recommendations and estimate for proceeding with a migration to Azure. Day 1 **Business and IT Overview** * What does the company make/sell/offer? * What is the organizational structure – who “owns” the IT systems? * What is your history of technology? * Where are servers and devices located today? **Cloud Migration Objectives** * Why is now the time to investigate moving to Azure? Ex) Better reliability, extensibility, consolidation, end-of-life hardware… * Is there a timeline? * How will success be measured? **Current Infrastructure Overview** * Existing System Diagrams? * Active Directory, Exchange, Firewall, Remote Access * Physical/Virtual Specs **Applications:** * Office, ERP, CRM, HRIS, Engineering, Custom, … * Test Environments * Mobile Apps * Access and security considerations * Existing licensing and hosting costs **Non-Application Content:** * SharePoint, File Shares, Network Drives, Data Warehouse * Access and security considerations * Backups and Disaster Recovery **IT Support** * Existing Team Breakdown * Incident Management * Change Management * Monitoring * Patching * SLA’s **Azure Migration Scope / Deep-Dive** * What are you interested in moving to Azure? * What additional Azure technologies are you interested in * Deep-Dives for each applicable area. **Day 2** * Summary, Analysis, and Recommendations * Summary of assessment and additional assumptions * Review of Azure migration options * Recommendations * Azure roadmap * Logical Phases * High-Level Estimates, including Azure Costs, Services, and Ongoing Support

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