SAP Integration with Logic Apps - 5 days PoC

NeosAlpha Technologies Limited

A Proof of Concept (PoC) integrating with SAP system using Azure Logic Apps

We will build PoC leveraging Azure Logic Apps capabilities to demonstrate integration with both SAP on-cloud and on-premises applications, while sending and receiving messages to SAP over BAPI, RFC or IDoc.

Azure Logic Apps provides SAP Connector using which one can connect to SAP Systems. The connector works with SAP's classic releases such as R/3 and ECC systems on-premises as well as SAP's newer HANA-based SAP systems, such as S/4 HANA on-premise or on cloud. The SAP connector supports message or data integration to and from SAP NetWeaver-based systems through Intermediate Document (IDoc), Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI), or Remote Function Call (RFC).

We will spend total 5 days first understanding the high level integration scenarios at your organisation then designing and implementing a proof-of-concept (POC). This PoC will then be demonstrated to your key stakeholders.

Pricing - £2500 for 5 days of engagement, exclusive of travel, hotel and other subsistence expenses.

Agenda and plan for the 5 days will look like the following -

Day 1 | Kick-Off meeting, understand your integration scenarios and review the scope of PoC. Designing high level integration flows.

Day 2-4 | Provisioning of Azure Subscription, connection setup with SAP systems and identifying connection mechanism ( IDOC, RFC or BAPI). Building integration logic for identified scenarios with Azure Logic App to send-receive data, Azure Functions to execute a custom code. We will have regular checkpoints at the end of each day with the client stakeholders to assess progress.

Day 5 | Final walkthrough of the approach, solution and integration processes, Proof of Concept closure, and planning of next steps.

Our deliverables will include PoC design, implementation code base and documentation (optional).