Microsoft Sentinel: 5-Week Workshop

Netrix Global

Trial next-generation Microsoft security capabilities with Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM designed specifically for threat detection and response in the modern workplace environment.

An immersive 5-week workshop designed to put next-generation Microsoft security operations to work for you. In this workshop, you will gain hands-on experience across your enterprise with SIEM to identify real-time threats in your environment and configure Microsoft Sentinel for effective Security Operations across your organization. This engagement is typically delivered over a five-week period:

Week 1: Pre-engagement - Prepare and send Microsoft Sentinel Workshop Customer Questionnaire Week 2: Engagement Set Up - Deliver Microsoft Sentinel Overview and define scope, configure Threat Check and learn how to set up Microsoft Sentinel Week 3: Data Collection - Get hands-on experience deploying and configuring Microsoft Sentinel including automating your security operations to better mitigate potential cyberattack vectors Week 4: Threat Exploration and Report Generation - Discover and analyze threats using Microsoft Sentinel to gain visibility into threats across email, identity, and data Week 5: Results and Next Steps - Discuss threat results and recommendations tailored to your business so you can fully harness the deployment of Microsoft Sentinel.

The Netrix delivery team also provides the option to perform Remote Monitoring of Microsoft Sentinel, allowing your organization to experience the benefits of a true cloud-native SIEM, with incident response service fully managed by our certified cybersecurity experts.