Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline w/GitHub: 10-wk Imp.


We guide enterprises through Azure DevOps best practices, infrastructure automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline design, tool selection, and more.

Our Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline with GitHub is a repeatable framework to help enterprises align their development and operations teams to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market, and increase profitability while reducing the cost of software assets. We start with a 3-day workshop to outline the key principles of Azure DevOps, Continuous Delivery, GitHub, and the behavior of advanced teams. We deep dive into focused sections around Azure CI/CD pipelines, building infrastructure as code libraries, leveraging Azure DevTest labs and GitHub Actions, and value steam mapping to ensure process understanding, visibility, and flow. Neudesic will conduct a discovery session with the client to understand their current processes and outline the ideal outcome. The final deliverable will include an Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline specifically tailored to the organization.