Cold Chain Transportation Azure IoT: 30D PoC


A flexible solution backed by experience with the industrial edge to get your assets connected fast, creating immediate business value for you and your customers.

Measurement is key to assuring the cold chain temperature is maintained within strict tolerances throughout the carriage process with refrigerated or temperature control transportation is key to prevent the temperature disruptions that can lead to product deterioration, product losses and service penalties.

Cognizant's Cold Chain Transportation solution provides the technical services you need to implement an Azure IoT platform that can manage and optimize your refrigerated fleets and transportation assets. Our professional service solutions utilize an open systems approach, and an Enterprise API provides rapid and consistent integration with your enterprise system to deliver superior business outcomes. With this service, Cognizant creates immediate business value for you and your customers while allowing no interruption in your business supply chain, with a focus on refrigerated fleets and transportation assets. Integrate your cold supply onto Azure with a secure solution and cloud native Microsoft enterprise analytics solutions to optimize your business value and customer delivery.

The types of outcomes you can expect from our solution are as follows...

Fleet Tracking and Asset Optimization Functionality: *Geo-distribution, asset turns, and trailer utilization *Batch control, JIT pre-cooling for same-day route planning *Integration with machine learning and enterprise systems

Workforce Management & Regulatory Compliance: *Load and unload times, engine idle duration and location *Full audit trail for regulatory and food safety requirements *Active on-site loss prevention and alerts

Complete Door to Door Chain of Custody: *Geofence programmable trailer locks *Remote diagnostic monitoring *2-way communication and control *Predictive arrival time alerts