Managed Azure Cloud Environments

Nordcloud an IBM company

Managed Cloud Environments provides a scalable support capability by ensuring the availability & reliability of your cloud infrastructure built within Azure.

Cloud Infrastructure in Azure is key to helping your business stay current, but we can’t just deploy and leave it running without management. The environment(s) require constant management to ensure that you’re not missing out on anything, whether it’s the latest updates or addressing potential security concerns. You should be able to focus on data and applications, not the maintenance and operations of infrastructure.

Some of the most common challenges when managing environments are:

  1. Costs: Careful management is required to ensure that costs are kept under control
  2. Performance: Constant monitoring and tuning is required to ensure optimal performance
  3. Scalability: Companies must be able to scale their cloud environment to accommodate changing business needs. This can be difficult to manage and requires careful planning
The Managed Azure Cloud Environments Service is a fully managed service with continuous development and best practices implementation. The Service is designed and developed by the Nordcloud team with 24x7 technical support to manage, monitor and support the environments. The service is comprised of the following key components that provide a holistic support service:
  1. Visibility - 24/7 monitoring and incident reporting
  2. Availability - covers support for Middleware and Operating Systems affecting availability in supported environments
  3. Incident management - break fix support and triaging incidents affecting availability, including escalation to third parties
  4. Managed Backup and Managed Patching - Automated security patching and managed backups for infra components
  5. Automation - Optimisation using native and/or proprietary solutions
  6. Service Management - access to 24/7 support from Engineers through an integrated Service Desk, support with Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis

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