Data Estate Modernisation: 10 weeks implementation

Nordcloud an IBM company

Professional services to define a data operating model and build a modern data estate MVP on Azure data services in 10 weeks

Enterprises of all sizes suffer from data quality and access issues, producing a material loss in the value that these data should be creating. Diverse and disjointed approaches add to the problem, producing massive and repetitive efforts to produce quite simple things, Insights. Overall, costs get out of control, benefits are reduced and business suffers. Data Estate Modernisation is a a 10 week journey led by Nordcloud data experts to get started on the journey by defining a data operating model and implementing an initial data platform for ingesting, managing and analysing data on Azure.

Delivery steps:

  • Data Enablement Workshop (3 days) - define a data operating model and prioritize data assets, platform capabilities and use cases to implement in the implementation phase
  • Implementation of MVP (9 weeks - depending on scope) - agile delivery of the data foundation that is at core of the modernised data estate


  • operating model for data, i.e. roles, responsibilities and processes
  • end-to-end data platform MVP: ingest data from selected sources into the Azure data foundation and make that available with e.g. a PowerBI report or other analytics outcome. Uses e.g. Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Synapse Analytics, Power BI