SQL Migration Configuration Assessment: 1-Day

Open Sky Data Systems

This configuration assessment will analyse the current SQL configuration to assess the feasibility to migrate data. Includes a report detailing the recommended Azure migration approach plus estimate.

Every successful migration project begins with a migration strategy which is driven by both the technical and the business requirements. Prior to commencing this 1-day migration configuration assessment, one of our chief migration consultants will perform a complimentary suitability review (30-60 min call). This review will enable us to gain an understanding of your business requirements as well as a brief overview of your current configuration.

Following completion of the suitability review, we will commence the 1-Day SQL Migration Configuration Analysis where we will analyse your current SQL configuration to assess the feasibility to migrate your data. If you have any uncertainties around costs & migration best practices, this analysis will deliver crystal clear visibility around which workloads should or shouldn’t be migrated to the cloud. It will also include information on how to select, prepare, extract, transform and transfer data of the correct form and quality, to another environment.

The results presented to you following the Configuration Analysis, will help you to;

  • Define the migration strategy & adoption plan
  • Understand how to minimise the business impact of the migration to Azure
  • Understand how to apply best practices so that your IT environment can deliver quick wins that provide the biggest business gains.

This analysis is suited to public & private organisations that are trying to gain an understanding of the workloads they could migrate to Azure and the overall readiness within the organisation to migrate with minimal business disruption.

Learn More about SQL Server Migration by OpenSky: https://openskydata.com/transformation/sql-server-migration/#resources