Azure Cloud Networking : 2week Implementation

Orange Business Services SA

Gain actionable insights from your network setup and challenges allowing to build an Azure Virtual WAN cloud network backbone enabling the application performance that your business requires

As enterprise workloads become more distributed and multiple cloud services are adopted to take advantage of best-in-breed features, controlling and managing applications and data becomes more and more difficult. In order to tackle these challenges, Orange Business combines their cloud and connectivity expertise to help you build your cloud network backbone with Azure Virtual WAN. This package audits your existing network set up, documents it and provides an opportunity to define your requirements to address your current challenges or future roadmap. This allows you to right-size your cloud network backbone in order to obtain the application performance that your business requires.

Here are the activities covered by the offer:

  • Collection / gather data from your existing Network
  • Assessment of your network management tools
  • Establish interviews with key individuals to complete and review this data
  • Benchmark the findings
  • Workshop to review findings, understand challenges and roadmap assistance to define requirements

As outcome of the offer package, Orange Business will provide defined requirements and future roadmap recommendations and remain available for following-up with implementation activities such as a PoC, Cloud Service provider integration or assistance with technical challenges according to the Cloud Adoption Framework and Infrastructure as Code principles. Building your Azure Virtual WAN Cloud Backbone is now a no-brainer, thanks to Orange Business.