Azure Data Services Hackathon : 1 Day POC

Pragmatic Works Training, Inc

During the Azure Data Services Hackathon participants will be guided by a subject matter expert in applying ADS technologies to their own specific use case. Make it real!

The 1 Day Azure Data Services Hackathon is a Pragmatic Works Subject Matter Expert led session intended for up to 10 participants from an organization. The tailored experience allows for the participant group to determine 1 ideal use case for which the hackathon lead from Pragmatic Works will focus on helping the group to develop their own Azure Data Services based solution in order to address the data and analytics use case they've identified. The purpose is for participants to get hands experience using Azure components in order to address data-related needs.

Benefits of a Azure Data Services Hackathon: • Empower your team to utilize Azure data services quickly and with minimal investment • Give your team the knowledge and tools to tap into your data’s potential, wherever it is • Learn about the tools and technologies within Azure data services and apply them!