PredSell - Product Recommender: 4-Week Imp.


Users struggling to find relevant offers at your online store? Exceed your customers’ expectations. Use cloud technologies to improve the buying experience and help your customers find what they need.

Use the PredSell to get them some answers to the questions:

What offer would be suitable?
Generate recommendations that are personalized for every visitor to your site.

How to guide new customers?
Detect user intent with Azure Advanced Analytics, and introduce relevant products or discounts.

How connect recommendations with warehouse stocks?
Use Machine Learning to issue recommendations based on real-time stock levels.

Use technology to meet your customers’ expectations:

Don’t miss out on new sales – give relevant recommendations to your customers from the first entry to your online store.
No more missed connections – show real-time offers and suggestions based on customer intention.
Don’t let technology hold you back – use cloud-powered Azure AI to always get the latest improvements.

Take advantage of the Azure cloud and see first results in just 4 weeks:

1 Discovery: Tell us about your requirements and current environment, and we’ll work with your team to agree on the best course of action.
2 Ideation: We agree with you on the criteria of success for the project, and adapt the solution to your needs and services.
3 Deployment: We work with your team to introduce the service to your store, and transfer all the knowledge you need to use and monitor it.
4 Revenue boost: Your customers can enjoy personalized offers and recommendations throughout your online store, boosting sales and cart values.

Factors that might affect the estimated pricing: number of documents, number of data sources, front-end design and Web App functionalities, travel and requirement for on-site work, the complexity of document upload process.