Cloud Adoption Framework: 4Week Assessment

PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited

Cloud Adoption Framework for Microsoft Azure. Assisting organizations to adopt cloud and realize its potential and benefits. #Cloud strategy # Cloud Roadmap # Cloud Adoption # Cloud Readiness

PwC’s Cloud Adoption Framework is based on PwC Transform methodology and completely aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). The cloud strategy consists of phases such as assessment, design, construction, implementation, operation and review. Post the assessment and design phase, client can make informed decision about their priority workloads to move to azure and which azure services will be relevant for their business. PwC framework will also help in setting proper governance framework to ensure business resilience on cloud.

Business Model: Initial Assessment with POC to enable the client for POC Migration on Cloud. The client will receive a roadmap assessment on what is their cloud readiness and how they can migrate on azure cloud. The costing of the assessment is estimated.