Smart Venues 10 week Assessment


Build a roadmap to deliver smart spaces and memorable digital experiences with converged technology for your customers

The PwC Smart Venue, powered by Microsoft Azure, helps entertainment organizations create smarter spaces and experiences in order to touch the way people live, work, and play - through the convergence of innovative experiences, a business-led digital twin, and predictive analytics.

  1. Customer experience innovation: Create more memorable moments at each technology interaction to better entertain, inform and interact with your customers
  2. Smart operations: Reduce risk, time and cost by integrating your systems with a digital twin to reduce services spend by 5-15%*
  3. IoT and Digital twin: Identify ways to improve asset management and facilities with the power of predictive maintenance
  4. Customer analytics: Develop a unique, single customer to understand performance drivers and extract actionable customer insights

PwC’s industry and domain experience coupled with Microsoft’s leading Azure technology enables an ecosystem for your guests, fans, employees and partners, using: &Digital twin technology to implement a preventive/proactive R&M program (combining building management systems, IoT and intelligent automation data analytics) &Data insights to inform and drive business decisions &Application of smart sensors & data analysis to optimize operations (e.g. smart HVAC, elevators and escalators; and smart parking/movement) &Intelligent digital signage to display sponsored art, provide proximity marketing, or to inform and protect &Application of experience technology to drive customer engagement through Apps, ticket management, loyalty programs, Fan CRM, and virtual experiences &Security to protect and quickly respond to digital threats &Core cloud technology & network Infrastructure to support and manage the variability of crowd connectivity

The assessment will give you a roadmap & recommended technology to deliver a memorable experience to your customers.